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Yves Bertheau

 Keynote speaker
  -       Member, since 2009 of the Scientific Committee of the French High Council of Biotechnology in charge of GMO traceability, coexistence and surveillance plans.
-       Head, since February 2006, of a INRA team on co-existence and traceability, particularly in GM and non-GM supply chains.
-       Head, till February 2006, of a INRA team in Versailles dedicated to the detection and traceability of GMO.
-       Coordinator or member of several national (ministries of Agriculture, Research, in charge of Fraud repression, ANR-OGM…) and European research programs on the detection of GMO (e.g. QPCRGMOFOOD, GMOCHIPS, SIGMEA, Co-Extra, PETER…).
-       Organizer of several international conferences such as the final conference (June 2-5, 2009) of Co-Extra, the largest EU funded (24 M€, 13 EU funded) research program on Co-Existence and traceability of GM and non-GM supply-chains.
-       Expert for the EC and French and Belgian Competent Authorities on several GMO related dossiers such as reliability of Fraud repression services data on GMO containing seeds, “negative list” of 258/97/EC (“Novel food” European regulation), BioResponse Working Group on Agri-terrorism (Ispra’s JRC).
-       Coordinator of the French delegation to the CEN/TC 275/WG 11 and ISO TC 34 standardization working groups (1999-2005).
-       Task-leader of the “Quantitative PCR” ad-hoc group of the European standardization CEN/TC 275/WG 11 (1999-2005).
-       Coordinator of the French network of enforcement laboratories on GMO detection (1999- 2009)
-       Member (2003-2009) of the steering committee of ENGL (European Network of GMO laboratories chaired by the JRC), the plenary sessions and working group on e.g. performance criteria of detection methods, méthods validations, etc..
-       Co-chair 2006-2011 of ENGL WG on UGM (Unknown / unapproved GMOs).
-       Member of the steering Committee of the Biotechnology division of the AACC (American Association of Cereal Chemists) and of the EBAF editorial committee (Encyclopaedia of Biotechnology in Agriculture and Food).
-       Reviewer of numerous scientific papers on GMO detection, traceability, supply chains coexistence. Member of editorial boards.
Yves Bertheau