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about the project

The function of post market monitoring is to further assess possible nutritional and health effects of authorized GM foods on a mixed population of human and animal consumers. Currently, however, little is known about exposure levels, whether adverse effects are predictable, and the occurrence of any unexpected effects following market release of GM foods.
The GMSAFOOD project was set up to develop a strategy for post market monitoring for GMOs. We used an approach, as seen in the schematic above in which animals (salmon, pigs, rats and mice) were fed 2 GMOs, the alpha amylase inhibitor peas and BT-corn (MON810). We choose the alpha amylase inhibitor peas because there was a previous study in which the peas were shown to be allergenic in mice (Prescott et al. 2005). Thus, by using this known allergenic GMO, we devised an experimental approach to ultimately define potential biomarkers that could be used after authorization for the market. The use of Mon810 was added upon the request of the evaluators of the project for the original EC Call requesting an approach for post market monitoring.  Our original objective was to identify a panel of biomarkers, which could be used to predict harmful GMO effects after product authorization in addition to devising a potential strategy that could be used for post market monitoring for other GMOs. 
For more information about the results of the project, please link to the sections in our website for a publication list and for the conference proceedings. There are many downloadable powerpoint presentations and videos of presentations from GMSAFOOD partners as well as from invited experts in the field of GMO safety and post markert monitoring. There is a conference report magazine with a summary of project and conference.
A summary of the results on the post market monitoring strategy can be found in the magazine. We proposed a machine learning approach for post market monitoring and are attempting to establish a public repository for all the datasets in this project and will open the repository for others to include their datasets for GMO studies. For more information on post market monitoring, please see the video of the lecture from Alan Kristal and the video of the panel discussion on post market monitoring from the conference.
More manucripts are in preparation and should be available soon. 
This study was funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-3) under grant agreement no.211820 and independently of any commercial input, financial or otherwise. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript. None of the personnel involved had a financial or personal conflict of interest with regard to the present study. 
News and events related to the project will be updated in the NEWS section
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