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March 8th

Day 3 
  • 09:00
    Press conference
  • 11:00 Coffee break
Session IV Chair: Eva Gelencser
  • 11:30
    International guidance on risk assessment of GMOs

    Helmut Gaugitsch
  • 12:00
    GMOs status in France
    Yves Bertheau

  • 1230 Lunch

Session V Chair: Armin Spök
  • 14:00
    GMO safety and post market monitoring panel discussion 
    Gerard Barry, Yves Bertheau,  Gerhard Flachowsky, Helmut Gaugitsch, Richard Goodman,  Alois Haslinger, T.J. Higgins, Alan Kristal, Ashild Krogdahl, Peadar Lawlor
  • 16:00 
    Coffee break

    Open Sessions for the public: Chair: Michelle Epstein

  • 16:30
    A machine learning approach for biomarker search 
    Karin Pröll and Michelle Epstein 
  • 17:30
    Public Q&A
  • 1830
    Meeting adjourned